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Build a web app in six months

Learn to code is a series of lessons on the technology behind government services.

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New modules are released monthly. Each one should take a day or two to complete.

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    Get started

    We're going to build a fully-functioning web app. Here's how.

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    How the web works

    Learn about the internet and its killer app: the world wide web.

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    Building webpages

    Get familiar with structuring and styling webpages using HTML and CSS.

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  4. 4

    Adding interactivity

    Make your web pages interactive using the Javascript programming language.

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    Web servers

    Create a web server to host your application, using node.js and the Express framework.

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  6. 6


    Allow your app to store and retrieve data from a popular database product, MongoDB.

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  7. 7

    API consumption

    Improve your app by using data from a third-party API.

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